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How does 'Made to Measure'work?


The ‘Made to Measure’ programmes can be used as ‘stand alone’ training events or as part of an integrated development process. The programmes are designed in so they can be used within your company to:

  • Promote organisational change,
  • Support the business strategy
  • Enable managers to work on their personal learning goals.

Different versions of the ‘Made to Measure’ programme are run according to individual manager’s level of ability and experience:

  • An executive version designed for directors and senior managers
  • An intermediate version for middle managers
  • A foundation programme for first line managers.

At the start of each of the programmes participants receive detailed 360 degree feedback on their current performance to enable them to target the most significant improvement areas. Each participant then follows an individually tailored series of training modules linked to their personal learning goals. Consequently each participant experiences a unique and different learning event