Brackley Partners

Our Team

Rob Hamblin

Rob has 20 years experience of providing a comprehensive training and development service to large corporations both in the U.K. and the Far East. He has a very broad skills base having directly managed projects that relate to corporate change, occupational assessment, performance management and team development. Rob brings insight, energy and a high level of communication to all his consulting projects. He has worked with many client organisations including: Exel Logistics, Innogy, Rank Leisure, Argos, Lex Services, T Mobile and Enterprise Oil.

Paul Gausden

Paul has spent 18 years providing a broad management development portfolio to many client organisations, specialising in the delivery of high impact development events, which add value to both the individual and the organisation. He has substantial experience of assessment and development centres, leadership and team development, executive coaching and culture change programmes. Amongst his many clients are: BAA, Somerfield, Argos, Dixons Stores, Mastercare, Eurostar, BSI, Going Places and EMC2

Lisa Smale

Lisa has over 14 years experience in providing a broad based management development portfolio to Managers at all levels. She has held many corporate roles including Training and Development Director, Personnel and Training Manager and has worked as a coach at Board level. Lisa is a graduate in Hospitality Management and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.Lisa uses her highly flexible approach to design and deliver innovative development solutions which are tailored to her clients needs. Her many clients include: Ruthorford Appleton Laboratories, Gullivers Theme Parks, The Environment Agency and the National Health Trust

Andrea Gregory

Andrea has 17 years experience of providing both training & development and more recently a generalist HR service to many organisations and has held several senior and board level HR positions. She uses innovative development methods to ensure that her interventions, whilst always challenging and different, remain focused on achieving clear business goals. Her many clients include: Enterprise Oil, Going Places, Eurostar, Dixons Stores, Gameplay, Somerfield and Virgin Holidays.

Bruce Hoverd

Bruce has gained significant international consulting experience over the last 20 years having worked on development projects in the Far East, the Middle East and Europe. Bruce specialises in the delivery of high impact development events, designed to enhance business competitiveness. He concentrates on linking leadership, influencing, coaching and feedback processes and ensuring these are integrated with business strategies. Bruce has many client organisations including: Xerox UK, Blockbuster International, ICL, Courtaulds and Granada Technology.

Carol Jefkins

Carol is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in assessment for selection and development. Her particular areas of expertise include competency design, occupational testing and assessment and development centres. Carol has spent 10 years as both an internal and external consultant and balances a commitment to professional standards with a pragmatic approach. She has worked with organisations from a variety of industry sectors including: T Mobile, PepsiCo, Hilton International, Rank Leisure, Booker, Lloyds TSB and United Distillers.

Sue Swindell

Sue has spent 18 years in management development and has a background in operational retail management, which helps to ensure that any development is practical and realistic. Sue specialises in working with Directors and Senior Managers either on an individual basis using executive coaching, or on a team basis where she facilitates working sessions with the team to improve performance. Amongst her many clients are: Tesco Stores, Vodafone, Price Waterhouse Coopers, DHL UK and American Express

Denise Fryer

Denise has 16 years experience as a facilitator and business coach in the field of personal development and has worked at senior levels with a variety of industries both in the UK and internationally. She has a passion for people and assisting them to connect to the important things in their life, with a focus on putting people in charge of their daily lives, situation or professional career. Her style is intuitive, practical, fun and informal with the intention of creating a safe environment in which to challenge effectively. Her many clients include: BT, British Airways, Mars, BP, Mobil and RICS.

Nick Davis

Nick has over 20 years experience as a HR generalist both in the UK and Europe, mainly within Retail and Gaming industries, both on line (e-commerce) and off line. He is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD. His last position was Director of HR projects at the Rank Group relocating their Digital businesses from London to Gibraltar. He has extensive experience of managing organisational change, is an accredited mediator and workplace mentor. Nick is particularly keen on helping organisations remain innovative so that differentiation of product and service are considered strategically imperative.