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What is 'Made to Measure'

... a training programme? ... a development course?

... a transformational experience?

‘Made to Measure’ is a series of development programmes that put right what is wrong with traditional training programmes We do this by enabling participants to:

  • Take complete control of their personal development
  • Prioritise what they need to work on and choose the sessions they want to attend.
  • Take time out for personal reflection and study
  • Create opportunities for individual coaching, counselling and support
  • Receive individual feedback from personality profiles to increase their self-awareness
  • Work on breakthroughs in dealing with significant relationship and work-related issues
  • Experiment with new ideas, methods and approaches
  • ‘Let go’ of outdated attitudes, working practices and ways of thinking
  • Use a wide range of innovative methods to enable the effective transfer of learning to the workplace